Attendance Policies

Here are a few policies and guidelines for attendees:
  • Rule #1 - You accept full responsibility for your actions. As an example, we assume you know coffee is hot and that trees have roots, so will not hold us responsible if you trip on a root and burn yourself with your coffee. Be careful, be thoughtful, and be excellent to each other.

  • Rule #2 - Watch your children.  If unattended children disrupt event activities or create liability issues, they and their parents may be asked to leave the festival area.

  • Rule #3 - No alcohol or other intoxicants. This is a public venue and we are neither licensed or insured for alcoholic beverages. Besides, being intoxicated makes it more difficult to follow rules #1 & #2.

  • Rule #4 - No firearms, and please use common sense, taking reasonable precautions with other weapons. For example, dull but pretty ceremonial knives and small utility knives are fine, but a sharpened sword, large hunting knife or actual combat knife have no place at this event. If you must run with scissors, please do it somewhere else.

  • Rule #5 - Curb your dog. All dogs must be on a 6' or shorter lead (no retractable leads), and you are responsible for picking up after them; look for the bag and bucket stations we have set up for your convenience. Please only bring your dog if you are both well socialized and comfortable with large, crowded events. Off lease dogs and their owners will be asked to leave, no exceptions.

  • Rule #6 - Ask before taking pictures. It is courteous to ask permission before taking pictures of individuals, and honor the  "No Photos, Please" signs on some vendor booths.